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My test in class standing on one leg video

this is stuff I can edit later   Like right NOW.


2nd Demo of En Garde

How did I produce this page?

  1. I grabbed a URL I liked from You Tube
  2. I launched my WordPress site and clicked New Post (upper Right)
  3. I used the button on the left (Post Video) … and
  4. copied in the URL and “fetched” video
  5. I SAVED  the whole deal  then  VIEWED POST (so that I could add this text by):
  6. Clicking  EDIT LINK (at the bottom of the page) to enter EDIT MODE
  7. Then I typed this stuff …    DONE
    OH Yeah: … UPDATE  (Blue OVAL on the RIGHT)


this took 60 seconds to do

Here is some commentary

Simple demo … start the clock

It is now 9:05 p.m.

I’m going to YouTube

adding embed code:

saving …

Right click any video you like … and insert via HTML tab

Where did this web page come from?

  1. I googled:   social marketing water
  2. I found a YouTube video I liked
  3. I opened it, RIGHT clicked it, and grapped the HTML embed code
  4. I put it on my WordPress blog, using the HTML tab (you can  toggle between “Visual” and “HTML”)
  5. I saved … posted.   Now (a bit later) I am now changing by using the Visual (Edit) capabilities.  (Gotta UPDATE for changes to “take”)

I-84 Timelapse 2 from dalas verdugo on Vimeo.

Getting going

Welcome … never tried a blog to communicate with a class before, so this is kind of an experiment.

What should you expect in this course?

  • to see lots of different problems that need addressing AND
  • lots of different ways to address them
  • solutions designed by businesses, even if these businesses don’t have profit maximization as a primary object
  • solutions designed by nonprofits, governments, and other organizations that act seem quite business-like
  • to feel good that you’re in a course where people share your views about business and the world
  • … and where they don’t
  • lots of good reading (which you’ll do!)
  • lots of good discussion
  • a hands-on exercise about malaria to keep us grounded in practce
  • and a manageable bit of writing

What shouldn’t you expect?

  • canned answers
  • a focus on new skills
  • tried and true (and usually failed) formulas